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TWCX Exchange Trading Officially Launched

Obtained Affirmation from Mainland, Taiwan and Hong Kong, Taiwan's Top Three Most Active Exchanges


TWCX Exchanges

The background of the core team members of TWCX Exchange includes Wall Street's financial executives, Silicon Valley technology elites, early investors in the digital currency circle, etc. The team members have worked for many internationally renowned companies such as Barclays Capital and Google. TWCX Exchange has completed round A of financing, raised a total of 10 million US dollars equity financing, These investors included Australia's top blockchain capital Blockchain Global, Australia's main board listed company DigitalX, Malaysia International Financial Technology Foundation, Taiwan's famous artist Jacky Wu, etc.


Perfect Mechanism

Decentralized Community Autonomy

The TWCX Exchange will be different from the traditional business. We will rely on the blockchain technology and the TWCX Exchange's political economy to form a decentralized community autonomous exchange. Through the trading mining mechanism, daily repurchase mechanism, and lock-in reward mechanism, the income generated by the platform is returned to the society. At the same time, TWC currency holders will be able to vote with the management to build the TWCX Exchange through smart contract voting.

Nasdaq-class Technical Strength

The technical team members are all from internationally renowned companies, and have many years of experience in trading, engine, distributed systems, network security and other related technologies. The team's TWCX exchange trading engine can carry millions of transactions per second, achieving the high speed and stability of the US Nasdaq level, which is convenient for platform users to trade.

Military-grade Ssecurity

Digital assets are often targeted by hackers because of their anonymity, transnational, and fast-tracking features. TWCX Exchange stores 95% of its assets in cold wallets. The hot wallet uses multi-signature, layered architecture, and wind control system to achieve military level network security protection and maximize the protection of users' assets.

Liquidity and Trading Depth Support

TWCX Exchange has actively contacted several domestic and foreign investment funds, large trading companies and professional trading teams to reach a consensus. They will better improve the liquidity of TWCX Exchange and strengthen the trading depth, making it more convenient for users.

Margin Financing Function

TWCX Exchange is well aware of the needs of professional trading users. In the future, it will provide services such as digital currency financing and securities lending services, digital currency financial derivatives, etc., so that professional trading users can invest and operate more volatility.

Thousands Currency Plan  

Currently on the market many niche-specific currency can only be traded with several exchanges, causing a lot of inconvenience to the user. TWCX Exchange will open the thousands currency plan to solve this problem. In the thousands currency plan, the platform will open up a large number of currency opportunities for TWCX holders and institutions, expand the number of transactions, and make the Taihao Exchange an international level

Data Information


Pre-sales ended in 10/7, TWCX is now go live

Route Map

Future Plans

2018 September

TWC Mining

2018 October

Launching the Thousand Currency Project, TWC Ecology Fund will invest in and assist in the quality blockchain project, listed on the TWCX Exchange

2018 November

Conduct community outreach projects, reward the leaders of the currency circle to establish the TWC currency ecological group, and build the scale of the mass transit community

2018 December

Launching margin financing and securities lending functions

2019 January

Launching OTC trading and currency exchange function.

2019 Febraury

Developing TWC public chian.

2019 August

Testing TWC Public Chain.

2019 November

Launching TWC public chain.


TWC Issuance Plan

TWC Currency Circulation: 10 billion (10,000,000,000)

TWC currency trading mining mechanism: Calculation formula: the number of TWC coins returned = transaction fee / average price of the last three hours of the trade * miners incentive rate

  • 51% Trading mining output
  • 15% PRE-SALES Investor
  • 10% Founding team
  • 10% Seed investment
  • 9% Marketing and Operation
  • 5% Cornerstone investment


Core Team

Benjamin Silverstein

Silicon Valley Technology Elite, former product director and director of the mobile game company Funzio, led the development of a variety of explosive games, helping Funzio be acquired by Japanese mobile game giants in 2012 for 200 million US dollars. Bitcoin's early believers have invested in Bitcoin since 2011 and have participated in several blockchain salons in Silicon Valley.

Jackie Hai

Master of Computer Science, University of Melbourne, Australia, many years of software development experience, good at trading engine development and high-frequency system operation and maintenance, once served as CTO of Australia's top digital money fund Blockchain Global.

Mark Shih
Chief risk officer

A graduate of the University of Southern California, a distinguished alumnus of the University of Southern California, worked for Barclays as a fund manager and managed hundreds of millions of dollars in early hedge fund block investors.

Consultation Team

Steve Chen

Mr.Steve Chen is a well-known Asian speaker. He has nearly 30 years of experience in Chinese and English speaking, and has accumulated tens of millions of huge fan influences around the world. He is also a major investor in many listed companies.

Allan Guo

Allan has extensive financial and administrative experience, has an international accountant license, founder and CIO of Australia's top blockchain company Blockchain Global Ltd, the founder of Australia's first digital currency fund Excel Fund, general manager of Australia ACX Exchange, early bitcoin Believers and entrepreneurs.

Institutional Partner

Investment Agency